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The Austrian agency IMAGNO was founded by the collector and publisher Dr. Christian Brandstätter. IMAGNO has a collection of historical archives including more than a million photographers and reproductions of art works and conceives itself as a visual memory for art, culture and history with a focus on Central and Eastern Europe. The collection covers the major events and eminent celebrities of the 20th century as well as the daily life and the intellectual and artistic life of Vienna in the 19th and 20th centuries. IMAGNO services are designed for media and advertising professionals who are concerned about excellent image quality to furnish their products with a competitive advantage. Ranging from daily newspaper productions and lavish high-gloss magazines to TV documentaries, print advertising, sumptuous picture books, and top notch exhibitions – IMAGNO supplies its customers with first-rate quality pictures.

Partner contribution to the project

IMAGNO’s contribution to the EUROPEANA project is formed by the incorporation of the Schostal Agency - Archive. The Schostal Agency was one of the most recognized photograph agencies of the inter-war period, with branches in Vienna, Paris, Milan and Berlin. The Archive comprises approx. 300.000 photographs dating from the period between the mid 1920s until shortly after the outbreak of the Second World War. It is certainly amazing that the Schostal Agency stock survived not only World War II but also the unstable post war period without any losses or damages. The collection covers a wide range of political, cultural and sporting events, as well as the life and careers of famous film stars and cutting-edge technical inventions. All themes were captured in fascinating photographs, which continue to exude their own unique charm and allure until today.

Austrian Federal Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuß together with the Austrian ambassador Franckenstein in front of an aeroplane. Croydon Airport. London. Photograph. June, 16th 1933. (c) IMAGNO/Austrian Archives (S)British racing driver John Cobb in his Railton Special racing-car. He achieved a new speed record (563,58 km/h) at the Bonneville Salt Flats (USA) on september 5th 1938. London. Great Britain. Photograph. July, 8th 1938. (c) IMAGNO/Austrian Archives (S)Charlie Chaplin as director. Photograph. About 1925. (c) IMAGNO/Austrian Archives (S)Paul von Hindenburg arrives in Koblenz. Kids are cheering and waving. Germany. Photograph. 1930. (c) IMAGNO/Austrian Archives (S)The British Institute of Radiology and the Roentgen Society's Annual Congress and Exhibition of X-ray apparatus. All the latest apparatus connected with X-ray can be seen at the Exhibition. A young lady being X-rayed by a special instrument of the latest