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The NALIS Foundation was established in 2009 by three major academic libraries in Bulgaria (of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, the Sofia University and the American University) with the support of the America for Bulgaria Foundation with the sole purpose then to create a union online catalogue of the Bulgarian research and university libraries. Two years later – and after having started from scratch – we have more than 1 million bibliographic records in our freely accessible online catalogue and embarked on major digitisation and retroconversion activity. We are involved in other aspects of the modern library practice as well (popularisation of international standards and best practices, terminological clarifications etc).

Partner contribution to the project

We are going to contribute to Europeana Photography 15,000 images provided by various libraries, archives and private collectors, so that our collections will be marked with great variety of topics. There will be photographs of politicians, soldiers, artists, writers as well as ordinary people and their families. There will be subcollections about aspects of urban and rural life, about social structure and social conflicts.  There will be photographs showing how life was affected by big events of the time – the World War I, the Balkan Wars, and the Russian Revolution of 1917 as well as by forces of nature – like the great earthquake in Chirpan which took thousands of victims. There will be subcollections about public buildings, infrastructure, roads and subcollections about schools, universities and sport.

Boris III of Bulgaria and Giovanna of Italy  the celebration of the royal wedding in Sofia, 1930Construction of a rail way bridge at Trapesitsa Station (Veliko Tarnovo, 1910-1912)Dr. Ivan Lechev, a military physician, and his wife Khristina, Veliko Tarnovo, 12 July 1898The building of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (Sofia, before 1918)The building of the St. Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia (Sofia, ca. 1920).