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The Centre for Image Research and Diffusion in Girona (abbreviated CRDI in Catalan) was created in 1997, in order to house the existing Image Archive and manage its rapid growth. The CRDI is a Department inside the Records Management, Archives and Publications Service (abbreviated SGDAP in Catalan) in Girona City Council.

The mission of the CRDI is to know, to protect, to promote, to offer and to disseminate  the Image Heritage of Girona. CRDI has now achieved its aim of collecting photographs and audiovisual material that reflect and record every aspect of life of the city, from past to present.  The collection contains 3,8 million photographs, 1.000 original films, 9.000 hours of TV records, and 2.000 hours of Radio broadcasts.

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CRDI is the work package leadership in Digitization and Cataloguing (WP3). That means providing standards for both digitization and cataloguing; provide methodology for a digitization plan and to organize a workshop focused on technical aspects in digitization. It is also a content provider of 50.000 photographs.

Advertising portrait of Foto Lux gallery. Foto Lux. 1929. Gelatin glass plate. 10x15Cattle market, next to the walls, in Girona. Fotografia Unal. 1880 ca. Gelatin glass plate. 18x24Gallery portrait of some boxers. Josep Jou. 1920-1930. Gelatin glass plate. 10x15Giants and big-headeds at Oli square, in Girona. Foto Lux. 1920 ca. Cellulose nitrate film. 13x18Spanish Civil War. Gallery portrait of a popular brigade fellow. Foto Lux. 1937. Cellulose nitrate film. 10x15