Arbejdermuseet Museum and the Labour Movement Library and Archives

Arbejdermuseet Museum and the Labour Movement Library and Archives


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Arbejdermuseet (The Workers' Museum) merged in 2004 with Arbejderbevægelsens Bibliotek og Arkiv (The Labour Movement Library and Archives), which was founded in 1908 and has for more than 100 years collected documentation on the Danish labour movement in all its branches. Our photo collection counts approx. 3 M photos. The largest collections are the press collections from the social democratic newspaper Socialdemokraten (later: Aktuelt) and the communist newspaper Land og Folk. In addition, we own large photo collections from the trade unions and private persons. Our collection contains many portraits mostly of prominent Danes, but also internationally famous people, and photos of almost every aspect of life among ordinary people.

Partner contribution to the project

The Workers' Museum's contribution to the EuropeanaPhotography project is 25.000 images from the 1870s until 1939 taken by many different photographers, among others Mogens Voltelen, who documented important cultural events in the thirties, such as Berthold Brecht's exile in Denmark, and Åge Fredslund Andersen, whose photos show the transition from agrarian to industrial society. The main topics of our contribution will be: Important persons and events in the Danish labour movement, recurrent activities of the  labour movement, such as demonstrations on May Day and on the Constitution Day, important events in the international labour movement history, such as the congress of the Second International in Copenhagen in 1910, life in factories and workshops, leisure activities, changes in urban life, housing and living conditions, in short: the early years of Danish welfare society.

The coal storage of the Workers' Federation's Fuel Firm at the Copenhagen docks, 1930sWorking-class children in the backyard of Fredericiagade 59, Copenhagen, 1905Åge Fredslund Andersen. Fitter at the face lathe, Sabroe Machine Works, Århus, Denmark, 1934Åge Fredslund Andersen. Home killing, Denmark, 1930s