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Fratelli Alinari Archives, joint-ventured in the year 2007 with the Il Sole 24 Ore and it created a new company called Alinari 24 ORE. It is the oldest foundation in the world still active in the field of photography; it was founded in Florence in 1852. In 1985 the Fratelli Alinari Museum of the History of Photography, with the Library of the History of Photography, joined the original “historical” institutions, i.e. the Archives, the Art Printworks, the Publishing House and the Photographic Collection. Today Alinari is the guardian of a photographic ‘corpus’ which has few equals (with a patrimony of its own of over 5,500,000 pictures, historical and contemporary, ranging from vintage prints, glass plate negatives to film and slides). From 2007, a Museums of Multimedia and History of Photography is open to the public in Florence (the renovated National Museum of Photography-MNAF:

Partner contribution to the project

Alinari 24 Ore was part of the project from 1st February 2012 to 30th November 2012. The photographic images of Alinari Archives remain nevertheless part of the project content

[Previous description until 30th November 2012]

Alinari 24 ORE is the project coordinator involved in the progress monitoring, partner management, quality assurance, coordination and orchestration of the technical work-packages and liaison with other projects and with the Commission are all important aspects of the project management work-package. (WP1).

Alinari 24 ORE is also the WP6 leader, addressing the general issue of the sustainability of EuropeanaPhotography beyond the EC funding period and in particular the question of the management of IPR.

Fratelli Alinari Foundation for the History of Photography will be subcontracted by Alinari 24 ORE to rent the exhibition space, organize the exhibition event and publish a photographic book at the end of the project.

Fratelli Alinari IDEA SpA will be subcontracted by Alinari 24 Ore to contribute to the selection of the 120.000

A worker on the machine for the manufacture of projectiles in the Pignone Foundry in Florence. 1915 ca. Print on double-weight paper. P Silver salt gelatin, Fratelli Alinari Museum Collections, FlorenceAnimated view of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. 1880-1890. Print on double-weight paper. Print on double-weight paper. P Albumen. 1788-1791. Fratelli Alinari Museum Collections, FlorenceInternational Exhibition of Industry and Labour in Turin: portrait of a group of ladies on the Monumental Bridge. Stereoscopic photography. nov-11, Turin. Stereoscopic Photography. P Silver salt gelatin. Alinari Archives, FlorencePortrait of male group: daguerreotype preserved in the Museo di Storia della Fotografia Fratelli Alinari, Florence. 1855 ca. Daguerreotype. Fratelli Alinari Museum Collections, FlorenceThe Pietà, marble, Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475-1564), St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City. 1920-1930 ca. Glass plate. N Silver salt gelatin. Alinari Archives