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United Archives was founded 1956 as Kövesdi Press Agency in Amsterdam and is called United Archives since 2007. In the early days the company was working as a press photo agency with offices in all mayor cities in Europe and supplied publishers with content linked to Cinema, Actors, Television. The company produced material on sets and acquired archives with images lasting back to the beginning of cinema history. 

Beside this live works of photographers were acquired, most of them start contentwise in the early 20th and show all aspects of live, travel, events, social events and more.

United Archives is part of a project, which produces Stills from early Documentary Films, which show stunning details, which remain nearly unmentioned in a moving clip.

A huge part of the United Archives is unexplored, in negative roles, glasplates, and only very few images were digitalized from negatives so fare. In the livetime of the project United will explore these unseen collections and plan is to produce 40.000 images as a mix coming from all collections.

Sommerolympiade 1936 in Berlin, Olympiastadion bei Nacht. Rights: Erich AndresSommerolympiade 1936 in Berlin,Turmspringer beim Sprung, Rights: Erich AndresSommerolympiade 1936 in Berlin,Turmspringer beim Sprung. Rights: Erich AndresWinterolympiade 1936, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Deutschland, Bobbahn, Gruppe Männer bei der Vorbereitung der Bobbahn. Rights: Erich Andres