Preservation and use of digital collections of photographic documents: workshop in Kiev


Kiev, Ukraine

workshop in Kiev, 25-27 November 2013

Kiev – From 25 to 27 November 2013 the State Polytechnic Museum (NTUU "KPI") held the scientific and practical seminar Digitized Heritage: preservation, access, representation to illustrate the approaches to the preservation and use of digital collections of photographic documents. This was the first in a series of training events on the subject of digitizing of historical, cultural and scientific heritage stored in archives, museums, libraries and private collections.

Key actors of the workshop were Olga Barkova, Deputy director on ICT development at Specialized Center BALI that joined EuropeanaPhotography to supply Europeana with Ukrainian photo collections, and Andrea de Polo project manager at Fondazione Alinari and EuropeanaPhotography core partner; they illustrated the whole experience of EuropeanaPhotography, from the best practices in digitization of photographic documents, to the software technologies for the integration of digitized photo-content into digital collections, to the preparation of content for Europeana: requirements, metadata formats, ingestion software (MINT). The perspectives of Ukrainian organizations’ participation in the EU programs were also analyzed together with the opportunity offered to the Ukrainian cultural institutions and photo-archives by EuropeanaPhotography.

The over 140 attendees from 15 cities of  Ukraine and also from  Italy, United Kingdom, and Russia were very interested in the whole digitization process; on the other hand the main problem they have to face is funding this activity. People asked strongly specific information on best practice methodologies and information on how to concrete mapping their metadata into Europeana. This lively participation rise our hopes in a very active participation of Ukrainian in EuropeanaPhotography!

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