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Specialized Center BALI


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“Specialized Center BALI” LTD is small enterprise which specializes in software development, digitizing, data processing, other kinds of information technology and computer service activities, and also consultancy and related activities, regulation and promotion of effective economic activity in ICT area, international activity.

Regarding the scientific-practical activity in ICT area "Specialized Center BALI" puts into practice the technological support of forming of digital content and e-resources, is engaged in technical assistance of e-libraries, uses and develops digital technologies for scientific and cultural heritage preservation.

It is interested in joint projects and partnership in the sphere of digitizing, forming content, developing search systems in multilingual resources, working out of electronic libraries.

Implementing innovation information technologies; training events, arranging of joint seminars and conferences for studying of European experience.

Partner contribution to the project

“Specialized Center BALI” LTD will supply EuropeanaPhotography with highlight pictures from Ukrainian cultural institutions and photo-archives.