All Our Yesterdays

Belgium - EuropeanaPhotography - CS Digital KU Leuven - Promoter - Universiteitsbibliotheek - Stad Leuven - Fotomuseum Antwerpen

1 February 2015 - 15 March 2015 - Exhibition

Banner exhibition "All our Yesterdays"

The exhibition "All our Yesterdays" showcases masterpieces from the first 100 years of photography (1839-1939) from the most famous European collections of in total 19 partner institutions, both photo-archives, photo-agencies and museums. The collections can be viewed online at Europeana.

Themes are based on the concept "the City Lives". The exhibition portrays the life of our ancestors in Europe, from London to Cyprus, from Barcelona to Kiev. 

All photos were digitised with state-of-the-art technology, and printed to very high quality standards. In the exhibition realia will be shown as well from the collections of the Fotomuseum Antwerp. 

"All our Yesterdays" started as an exhibition in Pisa in Spring 2014, and now travels throughout Europe to bring Europeana closer to the citizens. In Leuven, the exhibition will have a local dimension as it will include collections of the Leuven City Archive. Leuven's history is forever intertwined with the European desitiny since the Great Fire in 1914. 

Entrance to the exhibition is free; guided tours are available on request. 

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The exhibition will be inaugurated at the EuropeanaPhotography Final Conference.