The Digitization Age: Mass Culture is Quality Culture. Challenges for Cultural Heritage and Society


3-8 November 2014 - Workshop

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A panel workshop to disseminate the latest achievements and to foster collaboration in the digital cultural heritage sector is organized in the framework of the important congress Euromed 2014. EU projects, organizations and professional operating in this field are invited to participate in the discussion.

The amount of digitized cultural heritage in Europe continues to grow: the digitization activities have a positive impact on the society, by making the cultural heritage more accessible for the citizens, and by generating benefits to the content owners. Several questions arise about digitized cultural heritage: how can digital cultural data be re-used at best, what is the impact on society, and how to preserve it in the long term? This panel discussion will try to answer these questions, and to present the latest EU projects that wish to identify a strategy for the cultural heritage in the new digital age.

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