The monuments men: an exhibition for the 100 years of the Gabinetto Fotografico Nazionale



Festival della Fotografia Storica

Biella (Italy). The Fondazione Sella will host till April 13th Memorandum - the Fourth edition of the ‘Festival della Fotografia Storica’. Many parallel events illustrate the role of photography as primary source for historical memory; a specific exhibition is devoted to the first 100 years of the Italian Gabinetto Fotografico Nazionale, the body of the Ministry in charge of the documentation of the artistic artifacts and monuments; its collections go from 1840 to modern times and witnesses the evolution of the photographic techniques.

Fondazione Sella, via Corradino Sella, 6 – Biella (Italy)
tel. +39 015 2522445

Saturday 15.00-19.00, Sunday h. 10.00-13.00 | 15.00-19.00