Pictures for dissemination

Here you can find selected pictures that can be used for dissemination purposes

Terms of use

The rights on these images are those that each content provider attributed them and may do not fall under the above CC licence. Each image has a specific caption with all related right information.

Permission for use of photographic imagery to disseminate the EuropeanaPhotography project is granted only under the following conditions:

  • pictures can be used to only to disseminate the EuropeanaPhotography project
  • each use should be accompanied by the appropriate credit line as noted below the picture: e.g., the picture of the Foto Lux gallery should include the following credit line “Advertising portrait of Foto Lux gallery, 1929, photograph by Foto Lux, © Ajuntament de Girona, CRDI”.

Copying of images for distribution not in the scope of EuropeanaPhotography or commercial use is prohibited without the express written consent of the concerned parties.