Leuven: Europeana Connecting Society through Culture


14-15 June 2012 - Europeana events

2012 Europeana Plenary will take place in Leuven, Belgium.

The event will consists of:

  • A pre-conference on 13 June for meetings of the Europeana governing bodies, the Research & Development working group and the Europeana Network Taskforces.
  • The main “Connecting Society through Culture” Plenary on 14 and 15 June 2012. 
  • A hackathon and an editathon, running in parallel with the Plenary, for international developers and editors. Two days of experimentation with creative reuse of the Europeana content with prizes and awards.

On the morning of 14 June invited speakers will illuminate, under the Europeana theme of "Connecting Society through Culture", the power of open data, partnership and innovative technology for cultural heritage.

In the afternoon participants can choose from three thematic tracks aligned with the main conference theme looking at approaches that will “Connect Society through Culture” :

Track 1: Open Culture

Session 1: Reuse - showcasing how Europeana and partners can connect society through culture by creating opportunities for reuse of cultural metadata

Session 2: Legal & Policy illuminating legal and policy initiatives that affect access to cultural heritage

Track 2: Collaboration

Session 1: Network relationships - collaborating to improve how users can access the content from wherever they start

Session 2: End-user engagement - through active user participation in creating and enhancing content

Track 3: Technology & Innovation

Session 1: Research & Development - looking at the latest developments and thoughts in subjects ranging from the Europeana Data Model to Cloud Computing
Session 2: Product Development - the best case studies, the most interactive usable products will be discussed and dissected for how they can facilitate and strengthen the connections between society and culture.

Using the stimulation of the tracks and speakers the discussion will be kicked off for the Europeana Business Plan 2013 and an Oxford Union style debate held to further our understanding of the Europeana Networks concept of the European Cultural Commons.