EuropeanaPhotography Seminar on software for managing digital collections


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Database systems have been crucial to transform the practice in managing digital collections. However, digital image represent a new challenge. Creation, management and use of digital assets has become core business for LAM (Libraries, Archives and Museums) sector.

In this seminar we will identify the main functionalities needed for managing an image collection and we will analyze different systems. It will also take place the presentation of different experiences from Europeana Photography partners related to this subject. 

How do you know this seminar will be useful for you? 

  • You started digitising and you need to organize your collection.
  • Have questions about how to manage your digital archive.
  • You are interested in learning about experiences of European centers specialized in photography.
  • You want to ask questions to experts in the field.
  • You want to assess the suitability for acquiring commercial software or developing your own system.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this seminar will help you clarify your doubts. Have a look at the programme. 

Free admission, registration online: 

Organizers:   Departament de Cultura. Generalitat de Catalunya
Centre de Recerca i Difusió de la Imatge (CRDI). Ajuntament Girona